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22/12/20 Hathor Mural at Our Art Space!

In the last two evenings, Bahraini street artist Mustafa Halwachi painted a mural called "Dialog with Hat'hor" at our art space! »Read more ...

"Dialog with Hat'hor" by Mustafa Halwachi

09/12/20 Electronic Payment

Good news: Now, you can pay for all artworks at Nūn Art Gallery electronically. All credit cards accepted!

23/11/20 Egypt to open its First Contemporary Art Museum

"The Arts and Culture Complex at Helwan University, Cairo, is preparing to open Egypt’s first specialised Contemporary Art Museum, which ... will showcase paintings and statues by academic staff from different Egyptian universities." »Read more ...

22/11/20 Welcoming Ossama Boshra

We are thrilled that Ossama Boshra is joining our community of terrific artists. His artistic concept is based on photography and graphic art and is inspired by different Egyptian cultures, identities and elements showing a modern and vintage vision of Egypt. » Visit his page!

Ossama Boshra - Egyptian Resurrection
Ossama Boshra: Egyptian Resurrection, print on canvas, limited edition of 10, signed and numbered, 120 x 75 cm

19/11/20 Exciting News!

New exhibition soon!

31/10/20 1,000 Likes!

After only nine months, we reached 1,000 Likes for our Facebook page tonight. To everyone of you, who has liked, commented or shared, thank you so much! It is very much appreciated. We will do our best that you keep enjoying.

29/10/20 Art Town 2 Exhibition, Uptown Cairo

On 29th of October, Uptown Cairo’s Art Town Volume 2 exhibition, featuring more than 70 artists and 170 fine artworks, opened its doors. Art director Sayed Qinawy was there, meeting a couple of our present artists - Omaima Alseesi, Fatma Ramadan and Hesham Abdel-Moaty - as well as searching for future artists, who could augment our artistic program.

Sayed Qinawy with artist Britt Boutros Ghali
Sayed Qinawy with artist Britt Boutros Ghali

Sayed Qinawy with artist Omaima Alseesi
Sayed Qinawy with artist Omaima Alseesi

13/10/20 Quote of the Day

... on a detail of the painting "Rainbow Dance" by Brian Flynn showcased in Wannas Art Cafe just beside Nūn Art Gallery.

09/09/20 Photo Session Inspired by Artworks of Alaa Abu el-Hamd

Recently, renowned Egyptian actress Sawsan Badr, nicknamed: The Nefertiti of Egyptian Cinema, took a photo session for Elle Arabia Magazine, which was inspired by the paintings of artist Alaa Abu el-Hamd, who, for his part, is also inspired by the art of ancient Egypt. Like the women in Alaa's artworks, Sawsan posed in a simple white dress adopting their different attitudes. A series of 8 photos has been published on Sawsan's Instagram account.

Alaa Abu el-Hamd's painting and Sawsan Badr's photo, Photography: Rashad Studios for Elle Arabia

Alaa Abu el-Hamd's painting and Sawsan Badr's photo, Photography: Rashad Studios for Elle Arabia

Alaa Abu el-Hamd's painting and Sawsan Badr's photo, Photography: Rashad Studios for Elle Arabia

14/07/20 Three New Artists at Nūn Art Gallery

We are delighted to welcome 3 new artists with 32 artworks at Nūn Art Gallery: Omaima Alseesi, Reem Gamal Abdel Nasser and Ehab Lotfi. Although these artists often have the same subjects - the daily life, the traditions and customs of Egypt - their styles are very different however similarly appealing. Great to have you with us, Omaima, Reem and Ehab!

New Artworks at Nūn Art Gallery

29/06/20 Nūn Art Gallery on Vimeo

Today, our 3rd video went online on Vimeo. We present in it the highlights of Luxor and introduce our gallery to you. Enjoy and follow us!

Nūn Art Gallery on Vimeo

01/06/20 New Artworks at Nūn Art Gallery

We are happy to announce that we expanded our online galleries by 32 artworks. Some of the artists are already well-known at Nūn Art Gallery: Ahmed el-Shafei, Ayman Kadry and Mervat Shazly Hilaly. Others are new and we are delighted to welcome them at our gallery: Alaa Abu el-Hamd, Hesham Abdelmoaty and Mahmoud Salem.

New Artworks at Nūn Art Gallery

10/05/20 Art on Walls

Do you wonder how the artworks of our artists look on walls of different homes surrounded by furniture, decoration or whatsoever? With our lovely short video, you can get an idea:

Slideshow Artworks on Walls

22/04/20 Art Recreation Challenge

Due the coronavirus outbreak life stands still - in Egypt for about 6 weeks. Artists, museums and galleries became very busy to create online showrooms, online support pages and online competitions while people stay at home. On 14 March 2020, a Dutch Instagram account appeared, which challenged art lovers to recreate works of art with objects (and people) from their homes and post them with the hashtag #tussenkunstenquarantaine. Many museums like the J. Paul Getty Museum or the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam followed. What began with just a couple of recreations is meanwhile a world-wide movement and the results range from impressive to funny. So let's jump in! Of course, it's more challenging with contemporary artworks but we have many artworks, which are worth a try.
The rules:
1 - Choose your favourite artwork from our artists or artworks pages
2 - Find (3) things lying around your house and recreate the artwork with those items
3 - Share @nunartgallery or send us an email if you aren't on Instagram.
That's it :-)

Tussen Kunst & Quarantaine

01/04/20 Artworks of the LAFF 2020 Exhibition

Today, we intended to open our next exhibition. We wanted to present to you the paintings of "The Continent" exhibition of the Luxor African Film Festival 2020, which had to be closed after only 2 days of showing. Well, although the paintings are since then at our gallery life sank our plan. What we can do now is to support the artists by sharing their artworks online. You find them on a separate artworks page, each photo clickable to enlarge it. Of course, they are for sale. If you would like to buy a painting contact us.

Buy art online

29/03/20 Wael Nour's Solo Exhibition Extended

In these challenging times, we can't open a new exhbition. However, we can extend the current one. So, until further notice, Wael Nour's Different Moments will be open from Sunday to Thursday, 10 am to 5 pm.
If you would like to purchase an original artwork and you aren't in Luxor right now don't worry. Contact us and we will keep it for you until your next visit or find a way to send it to you - unframed and rolled in a mailing tube by private transport, DHL or another carrier. Even when the exhibition is finished we will do our best to make an arrangement for you if the artwork isn't sold yet.

Wael Nour's Solo Exhibition at Nūn Art Gallery

25/03/20 Stay Safe!

Dear art lovers, in light of the current circumstances all upcoming exhibitions and events of the Nūn Art Gallery are suspended until further notice. However, the gallery will be open from Sunday to Thursday from 10 am to 5 pm. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Nūn Art Gallery

17/03/20 Watercolour Workshop with 20 Attenders

On the last two afternoons, artist Wael Nour held a watercolour workshop at Nūn Art Gallery. The maximum number of 20 people was reached very fast. So great to welcome all of you doing your own art under the profound and kind guidance of Wael!

Watercolour Workshop with Wael Nour

Watercolour Workshop with Wael Nour

12/03/20 "The Continent" to be Continued at Nūn

The Luxor African Film Festival and its art exhibition "The Continent" had to be cancelled after only 2 days of showing. Nūn Art Gallery is happy to announce that the exhibition will be continued at the gallery from 1 April on. With the artists Abdullah Ali Butler, Abeer Adel, Ahmed Abd El Fattah, Ahmed Magdy, Alaa Abu el-Hamd, Brian Flynn, Manal Shuaib, Nesreen Abd El Halim, Wael Nour and Yousra Hafad. Stay tuned!

Artwork by Anne-Laure Abdelsattar
Artwork by Anne-Laure Abdelsattar

07/03/20 Opening of the Exhibition "The Continent"

Today, the art exhibition "The Continent" was opened at the Luxor Cultural Palace in Awameya. It was organised by artist Wael Nour for the 9th edition of the Luxor African Film Festival. 33 artworks wait your visit until 12 March 2020!

Opening of the Exhibition "The Continent"

02/03/20 Visit from Two Journalists

Today, we had the pleasure of welcoming Mai Abd El Rahman from Veto Newspaper and Salma Ezzat Ahmed from the Middle East News Agency (MENA) at our gallery! Wael Nour gave the two very interested young ladies a tour through his current exhibition with 33 watercolours.

Wael Nour mit Salma Ezat (l.) and Mai Abdelrahman (r.) at his exhibition in Nūn Art Gallery
Wael Nour mit Salma Ezat (l.) and Mai Abdelrahman (r.) at his exhibition in Nūn Art Gallery

27/02/20 Guest of Honour

We feel honoured and delighted that Dr Ray Johnson, Director of Chicago House, the Luxor HQ of the Oriental Institute - University of Chicago Epigraphic Survey, will be our guest of honour and open the exhibition on Saturday!

Dr. Ray Johnson in Medinet Habu, photo by Sue Osgood
Dr Ray Johnson in Medinet Habu, photo by Sue Osgood

26/02/20 Luxor University African Forum Exhibition

Today, Nūn Art Gallery organised for a couple of artists the visit to the exhibition opening of the Luxor University African Forum 2020 at the Waset Gallery of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Luxor. Gitte Eijerfeldt, Mona Vardi, Ayman Kadry, Gina Rohrsen, Manal Moubarak, Salah Shaban and Brian Flynn had the honour to be part of it, the latter even as a guest of honour! The artworks there are excellent. The exhibition will last 2 weeks more, insha'allah. »See the slideshow...

Mona Vardi, Gina Rohrsen and Gitte Eijerfeldt in front of their artworks at the Luxor University African Forum 2020
F.l.t.r.: Mona Vardi, Gina Rohrsen and Gitte Eijerfeldt in front of their artworks

24/02/20 First #Afternoon@Nūn

Yesterday, we hosted our first #Afternoon@Nūn and were so happy that so many came to join us. Spontaneously, part one (tour through the gallery with Sayed) and part three (artists introducing themselves: Gitte Eijerfeldt and Jane Adams) were merged. After that, artist Brian Flynn talked about his artistic journey and gave us an in-depth look into the spirit and soul of an artist. »See the slideshow...


20/02/20 Next Exhibition at Nūn Art Gallery Luxor

Nūn Art Gallery is thrilled to announce the opening of the exhibition Different Moments by Wael Nour on Saturday 29 February 2020 at 4 pm.

Different Moments - Exhibition by Wael Nour

05/02/20 Visit from 60 Students from Minya

What a joy! Dr Wafa Abdel Maqsoud from the Faculty of Fine Arts Luxor visited us today with 60 students from the Faculty of Art Education at el-Minya! So great to see all this young people interested in art and our artworks!
» See the whole photo album on Facebook

60 students from Minya visit Nūn Art Gallery

60 students from Minya visit Nūn Art Gallery

01/02/20 Nūn Art Gallery Luxor is open!

After intense preparations Nūn Art Gallery opened today at 3 pm! So many people and a lot of artists as well came to celebrate with us: Dr Yousef Mahmoud, the Dean of the Faculty of Fine arts, who gave us the honour to cut the ribbon with us, Brian Flynn, Wael Nour, Abeer Adel, Gamal Latif, Gitte Eijerfeldt, Heba Sayed, Salah Shaban, Scilla Alvarado, Wafaa Abdel Maqsoud and Yousra Hafad. The live concert with folkloric singer Shaymaa el-Nouby topped the day off.
Come and visit our exhibition with 71 fine artworks! Open until 28 February!

» Artists     » Artworks » Program » Opening - Slideshow

Nūn Art Gallery is open

15/01/20 The Meaning of "Nūn"

We chose the Nūn to represent our gallery because of ts complex meaning in the Sufi tradition as well as in the ancient Egyptian mythology. If you like to know more about the Nūn — artist Brian Flynn, who also designed our logo, wrote an enlightening article for us: » About Nūn



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