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We would like to share in with you a selection of what visitors to our gallery wrote in our (physical) guestbook.

14/04/22 - Thaluth Exhibition
"Thank you for inspiring us. It made us feel so good to see the paintings in your gallery. After meeting Mustafa halwachi, it's so nice to see here his paintings." - Elho & Anke from Holland

01/12/21 - Ruhaniyat Exhibition
"To the great lady Claudia and the lovely friend Sayed Qinawy, who resurrected the art scene in Luxor and showed that the seeds of beauty are hidden in the Egyptian soul. Wishing you all the best and lots of love!" - Mervat Nasser

10/11/21 - Ruhaniyat Exhibition
"Ein wundervolles Plätzchen. Ein Ort zum Verweilen, inspirierend die Ausstellung, ein schönes Café - möge es Euch erhalten bleiben, Euch und vielen anderen Menschen zur Freude."

23/10/21 - Exhibition A Journey in Graphics
"Wir sind froh, dass wir Dank Claudia in diese Galerie gekommen sind. Die kleine schön hängende Ausstellung des Künsterpaars hat uns gut gefallen. Wir haben spontan gekauft und freun uns sehr. Viel Erfolg weiterhin!" - Michaela und Heinz aus München

27/02/21 - Exhibition Athir - Ethereal Journey
"Congratulations on a very nice exhibition, Brian and Mona!" - Katrina Vrebalovich

11/02/21 - Ganubiyat Exhibition
"A wonderful experience! Love the space managed perfectly. An oasis in a desert. The waters of life that flow are often empty of inspiration. At last there are reflections on that water. Thank you!" - Abdullah Ali Butler

11/11/20 - Nūn Art Gallery Summer Collection
"Thank you for showing this art. It is fantastic. I love it!" - Silke Klauß

19/06/20 - Nūn Art Gallery Summer Collection
"I visited the gallery especially to view 'Ox Attack'. It proved to be even more fabulous then I expected. There were other wonderful works to see and Claudia and Sayed are very welcoming and informative. Always a lovely experience to visit Nun Gallery." - Jayne

19/06/20 - Nūn Art Gallery Summer Collection
"It is more than a pleasure to have a chance to see such amazing talent and to have an opportunity to be part of this wonderful venue. Thank you Nun Gallery for this great chance to see such talent." - Amira

17/03/20 - Exhibition Different Moments
"I love the fact that they are helping to make Luxor an ART CITY not only an archeological city.... I love the atmosphere of friendly and warm involvement in anything related to art, I love their nice little restaurant and coffee shop, I feel "at home" at the Nun Art Gallery, and welcome.... I keep an eye on their facebook page, because they organise little workshops, visits, meetings with the artists, .... and many more attractive activities..... Thank you Nun Art Gallery for your generous sharing the fantastic Luxor contemporary creativity in art as it is developing in this beautiful city." - Ingrid Leyla

16/03/20 - Exhibition Different Moments
"Klein aber fein! Herzliche Gratulation zu dieser wunderschönen Galerie und der Ausstellung mit den ausdrucksstarken und doch feinen Gemälden von Wael Nour!Claudia, ich wünsche Dir zusammen mit Sayed ganz viel Erfolg." - Verena

01/03/20 - Exhibition Different Moments
"I recently discovered Nun Gallery upon my return to Luxor. I absolutely love this place. The gallery is a fantastic space filled with light. The connecting vegetarian restaurant, Wanna's Cafe, has delicious food and an inviting atmosphere where I anticipate spending many hours writing, as I love to do on favorite cafes all over the world. The community is vibrant and inviting. And most importantly, the art is representative of the spirit of Luxor's rich history, along with modern influence. It's really interesting and inspiring and I'm happy to have found it." - Karen

29/02/20 - Exhibition Different Moments
"J'ai beaucoup aime l'harmonie des couleurs des scènes de la vie quotidienne et des paysages. Felicitations" - Christian

29/02/20 - Exhibition Different Moments
"Bravo to Wael Nour! I'm really a fan of your paintings." - Françoise

29/02/20 - Exhibition Different Moments
"Very happy to discover your watercolor art, Wael Nour. I hope one day I have the
opportunity to follow your courses to improve myself, when I will live in Luxor from September. Congratulations!"
- S. De D. from Belgium

05/02/20 - Opening Exhibition
"Ich freue mich, hier zu sein: interessante Bilder und Skulpturen, danke!" - Mechthild

04/02/20 - Opening Exhibition
"So many wonderful paintings, so many colours, so many forms - fascinating! What a great project! Thanks for this beautiful place and a time for dreams. Wishing lots of success for the gallery!" - Birgit

04/02/20 - Opening Exhibition
"Eine tolle Ausstellung! Jedes Kunstwerk ist ein wunderbares Unikat." - Doris und Werner

01/02/20 - Opening Exhibition
"It's beautiful to see the soul expressed through the artists of this world. The lovers, the poets, the writers, the mystics must always continue this tradition/language of the heart. Bless you and I wish you much success, happiness and love.
'What was said to the rose that made it open was said to me here in my chest.' Rumi"
- Ezech x

01/02/20 - Opening Exhibition
"A wonderful opening for a really wonderful project. Beautiful artworks, really positive community and fabulous music." - Jane Wass

01/02/20 - Opening Exhibition
"Good luck with this new endeavour! Beautiful artwork and inspiring people." - Manon

01/02/20 - Opening Exhibition
"Beautiful works all around. An incredible thing to find and look around.
Congratulations on a lovely new gallery."
- Katrina Vrebalovich

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