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Double Exhibition "Athir - Ethereal Journey"
by Brian Flynn and Mona Vardi

From 27 February to 17 March 2021

Athir - Ether, also called quintessence or spirit, is the 5th element that supplements the four classical elements earth, water, wind and fire. The element of ether is the celestial energy that fills all spaces. Ether acts as a bridge between Earth/Body and Heaven/Spirit.

For the Athir exhibition, we brought together two artists, who come from western countries but live in Egypt for many years. Brian Flynn's and Mona Vardi's artworks are inspirited by and connected with this 5th dimension.

Brian Flynn's paintings focus on the vital essence of the subject in its specific environment. They concentrate on the emotional, physical and spiritual expression of the subject. The result is a work that evokes the colossal nature of so many ancient Egyptian monuments in a contemporary manner.

Mona Vardi uses a multitude of organic materials to create vibrant dream spaces in her artworks. In her paintings, pigments and powdered stones are mixed and poured on top of paint and collages as liquid substances. For her sculptures, she assembles a wide range of materials including bones, skins and roots transforming them into shamanic artworks to embrace the essence of the divine in femininity.

Athir - Ethereal Journey


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If you like to purchase original artworks and aren't in Luxor right now, contact us, and we will keep it for you until your next visit or find a way to send it to you: unframed and rolled in a mailing tube by private transport, DHL or another carrier. Even when the exhibition is finished, we will do our best to arrange everything for you. Even when the exhibition is finished we will try our best to arrange everything for you if the artwork isn't sold yet.

Mona Vardi Mona Vardi Brian Flynn
F.l.t.r. Painting by Mona Vardi, sculpture by Mona Vardi and painting by Brian Flynn


Exhibiting Artists:

Mona Vardi and Brian FlynnMona Vardi and Brian Flynn at the opening of their exhibition



The Athir exhibition was opened in the presence of the two exhibiting artists Brian Flynn and Mona Vardi by Parisian artist Charlotte Herben on 27 February 2021. Furthermore, we had the honour to welcome Mohamed Oraby, the former dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Luxor, and journalist Haggag Salama.

Opening of the Athir Exhibition
F.l.t.r.: Brian Flynn, a visitor, Charlotte Herben, Mona Vardi and Claudia Ali

Opening of the Athir Exhibition



See photos of the opening event.

Slideshow of the Athir exhibition opening



Article in Al-Masry Al-Youm on 1 March 2021

Article in Al-Masry Al-Youm


"Tonight I went on an Ethereal journey to the Nun Art Gallery. The artwork of Mona Vardi and Bryan Flynn is not only inspired by water, fire, earth & wind but by Ether. Imaginitative sculptures from bones and abstract paintings from Mona Vardi enter into an exciting connection with the androgynous figures and space landscapes of Brian Flynn. A feast for the eyes and souls. Congratulation to Claudia and Sayed for bringing these two artists together and to Mona Vardi and Bryan Flynn for their great artworks." - Katrin Aleff

"Totally ethereal and awe-inspiring opening of the exhibition Athir - Ethereal Journey tonight at Nun Art Gallery, a sublime experience." - Brian Flynn

"Vernissage à la Nūn Art Gallery à Ramla, Luxor West Bank, de l'exposition de Mona Vardi et Brian Flynn hier après-midi.... fascinant.... innovant.... quelle chance nous avons d'avoir pareils artistes autour de nous..... !!! Allez vite voir!" - Ingrid Leyla

"Yesterday evening I ventured out into the Nun Gallery and saw the exhibition of Mona Vardi and Brian Flynn. The energies of Seth and Africa. Congratulations on a very elegant exhibition, Brian and Mona. The gallery did a great job at hanging the exhibition." - Katrina Vrebalovich

"You never fail to amaze or inspire us. Thanks for the invitation. I enjoyed very much the most beautiful paintings by great artists. Wonderful artistic ideas and touches. And a wonderful display style." - Gamal Latif

"Thank you so much! Beautiful exposition! I was happy to be there! - Charlotte Herben

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