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Watercolour Workshop with Wael Nour

On 15 and 16 March 2020, Nūn Art Gallery organised an open-air watercolour workshop with artist Wael Nour, which was held during his exhibition Different Moments. The fully booked workshop took place each day from 3 to 6 pm. Wael shared his knowledge in classical watercolour techniques in theory and practice while leaving every one of the 20 participants free to discover the materials. Thanks a lot, Wael!

Workshop with Artist Wael Nour

Watercolour workshop with artist Wael Nour at Nūn Art Gallery

Watercolour workshop with artist Wael Nour at Nūn Art Gallery

Watercolour Workshop with Wael Nour



"A most interesting but also friendly and cosy workshop with a group of people with so much desire to free their hidden creativity, but with so little knowledge of the technique of watercolours. A superb afternoon at the Nün Art Gallery, which will continue tomorrow. Thank you Claudia and Sayed for organising this, and thank you Wael Nour for sharing with us a bit of your knowledge while leaving us totally free to express what we felt like. Can we please do this again soon?" - Ingrid Leyla

"Aller Anfang ist schwer, aber gemeinsam malen ist immer ein Erlebnis." - Elisabeth Glaser

"What's perhaps even more beautiful than art itself? Spending a glorious afternoon out in the lovely shared courtyard of Nūn Art Gallery and Wannas Art Café making your own art together with others under the tutelage of the master of classical watercolour painting: Wael Nour.
I'd never done watercolour before, and it was so interesting and fun to learn and work with the materials and make mistakes and then understand better. I'm quite happy with the results of my first attempt, but of course my work was nothing compared to Wael's.
It was mesmerising, almost hypnotising, to watch him demonstrate the 'wash' technique - within no time, he created an almost ethereally light landscape of a typical small Egyptian village scene... His real work is of course much more intricate and detailed, but even this demonstration piece is just lovely and really draws you in. Watching how he built it up in layers of colour and lots of water was just fascinating! And I really 'got' that less is more in watercolour - I used way too much paint and not enough water at first. I managed to edit that a little bit, but I'll definitely do my best today, in the second part of the workshop, to take that lesson to heart!
It was also fascinating to see how differently everyone approached the medium and how different the results were.
Thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed this! I may never be a top notch painter but it's so lovely to be able to explore a creative form that was new to me, and I love that Nūn and Wael together created the opportunity for those of us who are not necessarily 'Artists' with a capital A to learn, explore, and create. It was absolutely wonderful - thank you so much!!!
- Iris C. Meijer

"Day two of our lovely watercolour painting class at Nūn Art Gallery, by the master, Wael Nour.
We were supposed to bring a landscape picture to work from. I actually liked the freestyle one I did yesterday better, but I learned a lot more about techniques. I'd happily sign up for many more sessions like these!
It's such a lovely atmosphere there, very light energy, and Wael was very kind in his guidance. Thank you once again, Claudia Ali, Sayed Qinawy and Wael Nour for this wonderful treat. More please!"
- Iris C. Meijer

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