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Hoda Hussein

Hoda Hussein
Hoda Hussein

Hoda Hussein is a contemporary Egyptian creative writer, painter and translator born in Cairo in 1972. With a solo exhibition entitled "For the Light of the Little Godesses" at the Ghandi Institute in Ambala, India, she started to exhibit in 2004. Since then, she participated in several solo and group exhibitions in Cairo and in Alexandria, Egypt. She mainly works with acrylic colours on wood, mounted wood or canvas. Hoda is inspired by humanity, its myths, its stories, its religions and its concepts, sometimes also by its inventions. She loves that the human creates.

Let's give the word to Hoda:

"I believe that without creativity there would be no creation. No universe, no multiverses, no dimensions, no space and no earth, hence no existence, human or else.
I believe we suppose as humankind have held this light of creativity and passed it to each other through generations and times for a reason.
I believe that painting tells the untold and exposse the inexplicable in its basic essential form of colours and shapes, and if music hold the sound of the cosmos, painting holds its light."


Works at Nūn Art Gallery:

Exhibited at the "Couples" Exhibition
at Nūn Art Gallery
in March/April 2021
Hoda Hussein    

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The Girl and the Apple 
Acrylic on Canvas
70 x 50 cm
2,000 EGP

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About "The Girl and the Apple":

What if Eve did not collect the apple for Adam to bite?
And why in the first place she was the one chosen to touch the apple first?
What if Snow White did not accept the apple of the witch?
What if Red Riding Hoot would have questioned the intentions of her mother sending her child alone with a basket of apples to her granny in the dangerous woods and so refused to make the risky journey?!
And why it is always girls or women who first held the apples?
What is the apple but the moment where the fruit and the seed meet as one?
What is in the feminine aspect of spirit that makes it the holder of potentials (seeds) and the bearer of results (fruits)?
What if the girl did refuse the apple ....?

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