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Antonella Leoni

Antonella Leoni
Italian Artist Antonella Leoni

Antonella Leoni is a contemporary Italian artist living in Cairo. She holds a postgraduate Diploma in Asian Art and the Islamic world from London, an Arabic Calligraphy Diploma from Khalil Agha in Cairo and a Master in Fine Arts China Painting in Milan. Her artistic approach combines ancient techniques such as marbling and calligraphy with Islamic iconography and poems, a mystical connotation that makes her works known for her imagination and contemplation of the Divine. Among her International exhibitions are the Italy Culture Mediterranean Project and the Al Azhar Al Sharief Forum for Arabic Calligraphy. She wrote essays regarding the importance of preserving Arabic Calligraphy, and she is working on an innovative program where playing with arts may be exploited as “art for therapy “.

The creative process of Antonella, sensed and shaped in Egypt, seems to be born directly from the Egyptian cultural climate, since its oldest origins. Not only it takes inspiration from Islamic culture, but it lives in the intuition of the Pharaonic tradition.
In the Egyptian myth, the primordial island emerges from the waters at the time of creation, prolific of a new world, just as the earthy mounds emerged from the flood of the Nile that brought back life. Papyrus is a sign of life, fed on water of the great river: it is a vital element and not just a support for writing.


Works at Nūn Art Gallery:

Exhibited at the Nūn Art Gallery Exhibition "Daughters of Hathor"
January/February 2022
Antonella Leoni Antonella Leoni Antonella Leoni

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Ya, Sin
Ink on Paper
with Marbling
70 x 95 cm
7,900 EGP

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Rumi Quote (Naskh)
Ink on Paper
with Marbling
70 x 97 cm
7,900 EGP

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Alif, Lam, Mim, Sad
Ink on Papyrus with
Marbling and Watercolours
90 x 180 cm
32,000 EGP

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