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Ahmed Abdel Fattah

Ahmed Abdel Fattah
Ahmed Abdel Fattah

Contemporary Egyptian painter Ahmed Abdel Fattah was born in 1987. He lives in between the cities of Cairo and Luxor and works as an assistant teacher at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Luxor University's department of painting where he studied before. In 2011, he graduated with an excellent grade and ranked first in the college. He obtained a master's degree in fine arts with a specialisation in painting in 2018. His thesis ? had the title "The Impact of New Media on the Art of Contemporary Painting".

Ahmed Abdel Fattah's artistic experience takes different dimensions of contemporary realism rejecting the classification of a specific artistic direction. He connects realism and abstraction in a harmonyíc way. His conviction regarding the role of art is towards the visual vision of the surrounding world, not being influenced by revolutions, fashions, or situations to create colour rhythms through it. Ahmed is abstract and spontaneous in a realistic framework whose protagonist is the visual theme. He believes that the artist, like the world, has to contemplate the depth of things in order to better perceive and express them.

In his subjects, Abdel Fattah relies on the psychology of visual objects, which stimulate him; human faces in giant sizes; landscapes and their relation to the ocean; people, animals and water forms that appear abstract through the reflections inside them; depictions of people in a repetitive form. To leave the viewers - us - with a conceptual character that prompts us to think beyond the work and its unique visual content.

Ahmed loves to experiment. With experiences in graphic and new techniques, each of his works can be considered as a different experience. Each proposes a new visual concept that departs in this concept from the idea of ​​the medium.

Abdel Fattah's work has been exhibited at numerous international exhibitions - in Germany, Italy, Russia, Bahrain, London, New York, Guatemala, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia - and at many local exhibitions in Egypt.

In 2015, Ahmed Abdel Fattah won the Cleopatra Prize and made the first place in the 2015 Siwa ceremony. He won the second place in the Nasser Bin Hamad International Youth Creativity Competition in Bahrain in 2016 being honoured by Prince Nasser bin Hamad himself. In 2017, he was chosen from the top 30 young talents at the International Festival of Youth and Students in Russia to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He wrote a news story in Russian on the official website of the festival, www.rossia2017.com, about the distinguished experiences participating in the festival. Last but not least, he won many prizes in other fields like the YouTube Creators Day Award in Egypt in 2015, and the Behance Appreciation Award in the field of digital painting in 2016.


Works at Nūn Art Gallery:

Exhibited at the "Couples" Exhibition
Nūn Art Gallery in March/April 2021
Ahmed Abdel Fattah    

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Oil on Canvas
60 × 50 cm
8,000 EGP

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