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Take part in our exhibition openings and art events in Luxor; see the artworks of some artists at Nūn Art Gallery accompanied by music. Enjoy!

20/11/21 6th #Afternoon@Nūn with Sculptor Abou el-Eoun

Afternoon@Nūn with Sculptor Abou El-Eoun

13/11/21 Triple Exhibition "Ruhaniyat" by Brian Flynn,
Alaa Abu el-Hamd and Abou el-Eoun

Impressions of the Ruhaniyat exhibition opening

14/10/21 Exhibition "A Journey in Graphics"
by Hassan Al-Khatib and Rasha Elmesallamy

Slideshow of the "A Journey in Graphics" Exhibition

15/07/21 Art on Walls 2

Art on Walls 2

27/03/21 Group Exhibition "Couples" with 12 Artist Couples

Slideshow of the "Couples" exhibition

27/02/21 Double Exhibition "Athir - Ethereal Journey"
by Brian Flynn and Mona Vardi

Slideshow of the Athir exhibition opening

01/02/21 Nūn Art Gallery Anniversary Slideshow

Nūn Art Gallery Anniversary slideshow

11/01/21 Triple Exhibition "Ganubiyat - Southerners"
by Ashraf Abo Elmagd, Gamal Latif and Afaf Salah

Opening of the Triple Exhibition "Ganubiyat - Southerners"

08/12/20 Nūn Art Gallery • Solo Exhibition Ahmed el-Shafei

09/09/20 Slideshow of Dina Shalaby's Artworks at Nūn

Slideshow of Dina Shalaby's Artworks at NAG

28/08/20 Slideshows of New Artworks at Nūn by ...

Ehab Lotfi
Omaima Alseesi
Reem Gamal Abdel Nasser

New Artworks at Nūn Art Gallery

29/06/20 Nūn Art Gallery Promo Slideshow Video

Introducing not only Nūn Art Gallery but also and above all presenting the highlights of the fascinating city of Luxor (Title drawing by Dina Shalaby)

07/06/20 Slideshows of New Artworks at Nūn by ...

Ahmed el-Shafei
Alaa Abu el-Hamd
Ayman Kadry
Hesham Abdel-Moaty
Mervat Shazly Hilaly

New Artworks at Nūn Art Gallery

10/05/20 Artworks of Some of Our Artists on Private Walls

Slideshow Artworks on Walls

15+16/03/20 Watercolour Workshop with Wael Nour

Watercolour Workshop with Wael Nour

29/02/20 Nūn Art Gallery • Solo Exhibition Wael Nour

Nūn Art Gallery • Luxor, Egypt • Wael Nour Exhibition • Slideshow

26/02/20 Luxor University African Forum Exhibition

Luxor University African Forum 2020 Exhibition • Slideshow

23/02/20 Nūn Art Gallery • 1st #Afternoon@Nūn

Nūn Art Gallery • Luxor, Egypt • #Afternoon@Nūn • Slideshow

01/02/20 Nūn Art Gallery • Opening Exhibition

Video of the opening exhibition at Nūn Art Gallery Luxor


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Current Exhibition

Abou el-Eoun: Nut

Abou el-Eoun
Alaa Abu el-Hamd
Brian Flynn
13/11/21 - 14/12/21

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Previous Exhibition

Hassan Al-Khatib: Plants 1

A Journey in Graphics
Hassan Al-Khatib
Rasha Elmesallamy
14/10/21 - 08/11/21

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Opening Exhibition

Artwork by Brian Flynn

Nūn - The Inspiration
Opening Exhibition
1 to 28 February 2020

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Promo Video

Promo Video

Nūn Art Gallery
and the other
Highlights of Luxor
on Vimeo

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Meaning of Nūn

Brian Flynn: Meaning of Nūn

Artist Brian Flynn
about the
Meaning of Nūn

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Dialog with Hat'hor

Mustafa Halwachi: Hat'hor Mural

Mustafa Halwachi
Hat'hor Mural
at our Art Space

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