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04/01/21 Interview with the Founders of Nūn

The Founders of the Nūn Art Gallery in an interview with Love & Lobby, a private diplomacy platform aiming to discover and promote nations of the world through their best talents, makers and inventors! » Read the interview ...

Nūn Art Gallery in an interview with Love & Lobby

Announcing the Ganubiyat Exhibition Opening!

We are delighted to invite you to our next exhibition "Ganubiyat", which will be opened on 11 January 2021 at 2 pm.
In the Ganubiyat exhibition (ganubjyat is Arabic for "southerners"), we present to you three artists, who come from Egypt's south. Afaf Salah, Ashraf Abo Elmagd and Gamal Latiftransfer scenes from everyday life into amazing colourful paintings. In this way, they ensure that the rural scenes, powerful customs and traditional festivities, which they depict in their artworks, won't be forgotten in modern-day Egypt. Don't miss it!

Triple Exhibition "Ganubiyat - Southerners"

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Current Exhibition

Artwork by Ashraf Abo Elmagd

Ganubiyat - Southerners
Triple Exhibition
11/01/21 - 31/01/21

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Previous Exhibition

Ahmed el-Shafei: Royal Couple

Golden Gifts
Ahmed el-Shafei
Masterpieces and Sketches
08/12/20 - 08/01/21

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Opening Exhibition

Artwork by Brian Flynn

Nūn - The Inspiration
Opening Exhibition
1 to 28 February 2020

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Artwork by Alaa Abu el Hamd

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