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24/12/19 Opening Exhibition

The team of the Nūn Art Gallery is pleased to invite you to the opening exhibition "Nūn" on Saturday, 1 February 2020, at 3 pm. We are easy to find. Just take the road left beside the Mesala Hotel at the Nile. Go straight on, the gallery is on the left.


19/12/19 Study: Visit museums or art galleries and live longer!

"Researchers from University College London (UCL) found that people who engaged in the arts more frequently - every few months or more - had a 31% lower risk of dying early when compared to those who didn't. Even going to the theater or museum once or twice a year was linked with a 14% lower risk." Read more...

Ramadan Abd el-Moatmed at one of his exhibitions
Artist Ramadan Abd el-Moatmed at one of his well-attended exhibitions

17/12/19 Article: Five reasons to buy original art from living artists

"You should buy a painting because it strikes you with beauty, evokes a deep longing, moves your heart to ache or smile, reminds you of a place, tells you a truth, etc. In other words, you should buy art that hits your heart like beauty can. In purchasing art, beauty is really in the eye of the beholder. What matters is that it has to be beautiful to you. Buying a painting is very different than eating a meal. You have to eat to live. But you don’t have to buy art, ever, to live. You can live your whole life without buying one artwork. It is always a free choice to buy an artwork." Read more...

Painting by Ayman Kadry
Painting by Luxor artist Ayman Kadry


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Summer Collection

Artwork by Ahmed el-Shafei

Summer Collection 2020
at Nūn Art Gallery
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Previous Exhibition

Artwork by Wael Nour

Different Moments
Watercolours by Wael Nour
29 February - 30 March 2020

Extended until 31 May 2020!

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Opening Exhibition

Artwork by Brian Flynn

Nūn - The Inspiration
Opening Exhibition
1 to 28 February 2020

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