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Nūn Art Gallery shall not be only an art gallery for contemporary Egyptian art but a cultural centre organising art events and workshops. Here we present you our events beside exhibition openings.

20/03/21 5th #Afternoon@Nūn with Curandera Camila Martinez

Only two days after the 4th #Afternoon@Nūn Nūn Art Gallery organised the 5th #Afternoon@Nūn with Camila Martinez on the equinox. Camila Martinez is a curandera, a traditional native doctor, holding the tradition of healing with sacred mushrooms. She came to read from her book The Mushroom Doctor - The Wisdom Way of the Feminine Shaman at Nūn Art Gallery.
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5th Afternoon@Nūn with Camila Martinez

18/03/21 4th #Afternoon@Nūn with Artist Mona Vardi

While the 2nd and the 3rd #Afternoon@Nūn were online events Nūn Art Gallery was happy to invite people to come personally to the gallery again for the 4th #Afternoon@Nūn.
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4th Afternoon@Nūn with Mona Vardi

11/02/21 3rd #Afternoon@Nūn with Artist Abdullah Ali Butler

In the 3rd #Afternoon@Nūn, we introduced to you British artist Abdullah Ali Butler, who lives for 25 years in Egypt, most of them in Cairo. When he came to Luxor on 11 Feb 2021 to visit us we took the opportunity to interview him and art lover Jayne Kenney.

Interview with Abdullah Ali Butler and Jayne Kenney

25/10/20 2nd #Afternoon@Nūn with Artist Omaima Alseesi

Nūn Art Gallery Luxor established the #Afternoon@Nūn with the mission to connect you with contemporary artists. This time we virtually took you to Cairo for a visit at artist Omaima Alseesi's studio. Enjoy the video!

2nd Afternoon@Nūn with Artist Omaima Alseesi

15+16/03/20 Workshop with Artist Wael Nour

We are pleased to announce a watercolour workshop with artist Wael Nour. It will be held during his exhibition Different Moments at Nūn Art Gallery on 15 and 16 March 2020, each day from 3 pm to 6 pm. Wael, who is always keen on imparting his knowledge, will teach you classical watercolour techniques, which are rare to find in the Middle East.
The workshop fee of 150 EGP is for high-quality materials used during the workshop.
The number of participants is limited - therefore registration is required.
Please come to the gallery to make a binding registration.

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Workshop with Artist Wael Nour

23/02/20 1st #Afternoon@Nūn with Artist Brian Flynn

Join us for our first #Afternoon@Nūn:
• 2 pm: Take a guided tour through the gallery with our art manager Sayed Qinawy
• 3 pm: Meet an artist
• 4 pm: Introduce yourself if you are an artist
We are looking forward to meeting you!
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1st Afternoon@Nūn with Artist Brian Flynn
Sayed Qinawy explaining the artwork of artist Heba Sayed


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