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3-Day Art Event with Bahraini Street Artist Mustafa Halwachi

Bahraini Street Artist Mustafa Halwachi, who created the "Dialogue with Hat'hor" mural for us in December 2020, came back! At his arrival on 18 January 2022, he initially played with sound & light to revive Hathor. Then, he ran a 3-day live painting event from 24 to 26 January 2022.

During this event, Mustafa painted and spray-painted not as usual on a wall but canvas and completed thus four paintings in another "Dialogue with Hat'hor", one with little help of some kids.

It was an exciting experience to watch Mustafa. The video below may give you an impression. But what you can't see on the photos and clips as it's a question of various frequencies, which are only visible for the human eye, is that through his light installations a painting becomes three-dimensional and shows all the different added layers. You actually get drawn deeper and deeper into the painting. The trance music played it's part too.

Enjoy the video!

3-Day Art Event with Bahraini Street Artist Mustafa Halwachi - Video

3-Day Art Event with Bahraini Street Artist Mustafa Halwachi



"A big thank for that excellent video ! It was such an amazing and unique experience visiting the place every day and talking to Mustafa and the Nun Art Gallery team." - Barbara Frey

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