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On 23 February 2020, our 1st #Afternoon@Nūn took place. We started at about 2 pm. Gallerist and art manager Sayed Qinawy was the audience's guide through the Nūn - The Inspiration exhibition at our gallery. He explained the artworks and answered every question. The artists Gitte Eijerfeldt, Jane Adams, Gina Rohrsen and Brian Flynn were among the attentive listeners.

Then we had a seat at the gallery's court and artist Brian Flynn spoke about his artistic life, his inspirations, his artworks. Enlightening and eye-opening!

The three hours of the 1st #Afternoon@Nūn flew by.

» Click here to watch a short video with photos of the workshop


1st #Afternoon@Nūn
Sayed Qinawy explaining artworks

1st #Afternoon@Nūn
Artist Brian Flynn speaking, filmmaker Ashraf Ezzat on the right

1st #Afternoon@Nūn
Sayed Qinawy asking Brian Flynn questions, filmmaker Ashraf Ezzat on the right


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