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Nūn Art Gallery is pleased to introduce to you some of the most excellent artists of the Luxor area (alphabetical order). You will have the chance to meet them at the one or other exhibition opening.

If you would like to buy an artwork and you aren't in Luxor right now don't worry. Contact us and we will keep it for you until your next visit or find a way to send it to you - unframed and rolled in a PVC pipe by private transport, post office or DHL. Even when the exhibition is finished we will try our best to make an arrangement for you if the artwork isn't sold yet.

Abdullah Ali Butler:

Abdullah Ali ButlerAbdullah Ali Butler was ten years old when he worked on a long-term school project about ancient Egypt. It was then when he decided to live in Egypt and he became a keen amateur Egyptologist. About the same time he developed an interest in art.
Abdullah came to Egypt for the first time in April 1985, Since 1995, he lived in Luxor, Cairo, Alexandria and Cairo again. For him painting is a commitment. It's not just something one does periodically but a daily discipline. » Read More...

Abeer Adel:

Abeer AdelArtist Abeer Adel comes from Aswan, where she was born in 1993. She studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Luxor and graduated there in 2016. Since 2015, her artworks were shown in more than 25 exhibitions inside and outside of Egypt. In 2019 she was the winner of the prize of the World Youth Forum. Abeer's work shows childhood and family situations. Thereby, she focuses especially on the role of women, whose belong the credit to effectively building and shaping a family. Their emotional warmth is the true base of the family alongside with the man. » Read More...

Ahmed el-Shafei:

Ahmed el-ShafeiArtist Ahmed El Shafei was born in Alexandria in 1989. He finished his studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Alexandria University in 2011. Since then, he participated in a vast number of local and international exhibitions earning several awards. A couple of magazines and newspapers published about him. Ahmed's artworks are inspired by Egypt's pharaonic civilisation. He created them by using fire, charcoal, smoke and oils, what gives his art pieces an ancient appearance. » Read More...

Ahmed Helall:

Ahmed HelallAhmed Helall is an Egyptian artist, born in 1992. He earned a Bachelor of Applied Arts degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo and participated in several exhibitions.
Ahmed's artworks are inspired by the rural environment of his Cairene home village and influenced by the ancient Egyptians, whose eternal works he transformes in a state of modernity. » Read More...

Alaa Abu el-Hamd:

Alaa Abu el-HamdThe award-winning artist Alaa Abu el-Hamd was born in Qena in 1979. He is an assistant professor in the Department of Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Luxor and has participated in over 20 group exhibitions in Cairo, Port Said, Alexandria and Luxor. Alaa's subjects are inspired by the ancient Egyptian murals and carvings. They show the relationship between gods and objects, between men and women, and are characterised by their stillness and strength. » Read More...

Anne Laure Herr:

Anne Laure HerrAnne Laure Herr, French visual artist, born in 1989 lived all her life in France - until 2017. Then she moved to Egypt. Used to paint as a hobby for her family and friends throughout life Anne Laure decided to change her career by exploring the art world in depth when she settled down in Egypt. Therefore, she took drawing courses in order to upgrade her level and express herself through her artwork. She specialised in acrylic and abstract paintings, alcohol ink art and epoxy resin art.
»

Ayman Kadry:

Ayman KadryArtist Ayman Kadry was born in 1978. He earned his PhD at the Helwan University in Cairo in 2014. The passionate artist is involved in many art projects. Ayman's works were shown at exhibitions in Egypt and abroad receiving several awards. Ayman is deeply affected by his surroundings in southern Egypt and his hometown Luxor, and inspired by all the impressive monuments his ancestors left behind, what caused him to connect the here and now with the past.
»

Brian Flynn:

Brian FlynnBritish born artist Brian Flynn's recent work is inspired by the people, the culture, and the all pervading spiritual influence that embraces and protects this sacred land. He has exhibited extensively in California, Italy and more recently in Paris, as well as both group and solo exhibitions in Cairo and Luxor. His work is largely inspired by the great Sufi festivals where thousands gather in the name of Spirit; that same Spirit that has flowed continuously throughout Egypt since before the Dynastic period. » Read More...

Dina Shalaby:

Dina ShalabyDina Shalaby is a visual artist focusing on modern art inspired by Ancient Egypt. Using mixed media and her deep passion for pharaonic Egypt, she creates pieces inspired by the past and with a story for the future. She studied design at the American University in Cairo. She holds a bachelor degree in mass communication with a major in journalism and a master’s in international business from Italy. » Read More...

Fatma Ramadan:

Fatma RamadanArtist Fatma Ramadan was born in Cairo in 1987 and lives in Giza. In 2009, she earned a bachelor degree of Fine Arts and became an Associate member of the Syndicate of Plastic Arts. Her artworks tend to the surrealism school showing the daily life of women in Egypt. Since 2009, she participated in many local and international group exhibitions, winning many awards and habing her works in collectionss in Spain, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, France and Belgium. » Read More...

Gamal Latif:

Gamal LatifGamal Latif, born in 1957, discovered in 2014 that he can paint. From the beginning, it was the concern of the trained mechanical technician to do something unique that no one had done before.
All his paintings reflect his own thoughts. They are inspired by his Nubian heritage and document Nubian traditions in vivid colours. » Read More...

Gina Rohrsen:

Gina RohrsenGerman artist Gina Rohrsen studied painting and illustration from 1978 to 1984 and graduated as a Qualified Graphic Designer. She had several solo exhibitions in Germany and participated in national and international art projects.
Inspired by several visits to Egypt, Gina enriched her work with objects and installations using the authentic materials of the country. She participated in two German-Egyptian exhibitions at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Luxor. » Read More...

Gitte Eijerfeldt:

Gitte EijerfeldtGitte Eijerfeldt works as a freelance artist and illustrator in Glasgow, UK, and has her second home in Luxor. She paints people in their local environments using oil paint on canvas or board, both with painting and illustrating. The details she is drawn to can be a gesture, a composition or an atmosphere. Gitte travels a lot and coordinates and curates exhibitions of artist run spaces. Gitte travels a lot and coordinates and curates exhibitions of artist run spaces. » Read More...

Heba Sayed:

Heba SayedHeba Sayed was born in the Giza Governorate in 1984. She spend her schooltime in Luxor and then went back to Cairo to take up her studies, where she earned a Bachelor Degree in Social Work in 2006. Heba's art belongs to the natural school, which is characterised by the simplícity of expression. Her colourful artworks are full of expressive symbols representing Egyptian beliefs and traditions over time. » Read More...

Mahmoud Salem:

Mahmoud SalemMahmoud Salem is an Egyptian Sculptor from Luxor. He discovered his delight in creating sculptures already as a child by using mud. Autodidactically, he worked with different materials and created with simplest tools artworks from clay, wood and stone wihile constantly enhancing his techniques. Now, he uses hardwood and stone to craft sculptures by hand. Mahmoud's work is not only influenced by the ancient monuments and sculptures on the west bank of Luxor.
»

Mervat Shazly Hilaly:

Mervat ShazlyArtist Mervat Shazly Hilaly was born in Aswan. In 1992, she finished her studies at the Painting Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Helwan University, Cairo, and earned a bachelor degree in 1998. She is a graduate of the Cairo College of Fine Arts and holds a master degred and PhD in Arts. Mervat's Nubian roots are clearly reflected in her powerful artworks showing the private life in Nubia. Her work is inspired by the feelings of women in southern Egypt.
»

Nesreen Abd El Halim:

Nesreen Abd El HalimNesreen Abd El Halim, is an animated film director and visual artist born in Cairo in 1985. She earned a bachelor and pre-master's degree from the High Institute of Cinema at the Animation Films Directing Section of the Academy of Arts in Cairo. Nesreen participated in many film festivals and art exhibitions. She works as an anchor in the children program of the Egyptian TV Channel 2. Beside that, she conducts workshops for children in many places and teaches them how to draw and how to make an animated movie. » Read More...

Salah Shaban:

Salah ShabanArtist Salah Shaban was born in Sohag in 1981. In 2004, he finished his studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Luxor, focusing in carving. He holds a bachelor degree, a master's degree and a PhD.
Salah's sculptures and carvings speak about the modern mankind. They are inspired by nature and people around him, influenced by symbols of the ancient Egyptian, the Islamic, and the Coptic religion. » Read More...

Scilla Alvarado:

Scilla AlvaradoScilla Alvarado is a psychotherapist and mosaic artist, who has lived between Luxor and London for 22 years. She has developed her creative talents through taking many courses. She has a great passion for both therapy and mosaicking seeing similarities in the process of focussing on what is broken inside ourselves and using broken pieces of glass or ceramic to reconfigure and transforming them to see them in a new light creating something new and beautiful.
»

Wael Nour:

Wael NourWael Nour is an Egyptian artist, born in April 1979, who lives in Luxor. He is specialised in classical watercolour painting.
Wael studied under the late artist Bekhet Farag, one of the pioneers in watercolouring in Egypt and the Arab world. He graduated from the Faculty of Art Education in 1999 and held many private and group exhibitions, both inside and out of Egypt. His work can be considered a documentation of place and time and a highlight of the beauty in Egypt's rural and urban scenery. » Read More...

Wafa Abdel Maqsoud:

Wafa Abdel MaqsoudArtist Wafa Abdel Maqsoud finished her fine arts studies at Minya University in 2005 and earned her PhD there in 2011. Currently, she is the head of the Graphic Department at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Luxor.
Wafa's artworks are part of several collections in Egypt and abroad.
»

Yousef Mahmoud:

Yousef MahmoudArtist Yousef Mahmoud was born in Aswan in 1972. He earned a Bachelor degree in 1995 and a PhD in Fine Arts in 2010. He was dean of the Sculpture Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Luxor University before he became dean of the whole faculty in 2019.
Yousef Mahmoud designed and implemented many public statues for various governorates and designed figures for TV serials and cartoons. He won many awards and has collectibles in Egypt and abroad. » Read More...

Yousra Hafad:

Yousra HafadArtist Yousra Hafad was born in March 1980. In 2001, she graduated from the Faculty of Art Education in Luxor, where she became a teacher afterwards.
Yousra's photo-realistic paintings of women reflect the female essences of purity, serenity and sisterhood showing the static and dynamic dualism of the life of women: demonstrating strength while keeping essential secrets. She held many private and group exhibitions both inside and out of Egypt.
»


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