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Yousra Hafad

Yousra Hafad
Egyptian contemporary artist Yousra Hafad with two of her artworks at the opening exhibition of the Nūn Art Gallery 2020

Yousra Hafad is an Egyptian artist, born in March 1980. She graduated from the Faculty of Art Education in 2001. Her sumptuous paintings are enigmatic: revealing yet secretive. The women of her portraits seem to represent a female that is both: bold yet reluctant, strong yet timid. 

Yousra lives and teaches art in Luxor, Egypt. She held many private and group exhibitions both inside and out of Egypt.


Works available at Nūn Art Gallery:

From the Nūn Art Gallery Opening Exhibition
"Nūn - The Inspiration" in February 2020
Yousra Hafad Yousra Hafad  

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Hidden Face
Oil on Canvas
80 x 100 cm
10,000 EGP

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Oil on Canvas
80 x 100 cm
13,000 EGP



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Yousra Hafad with one of her artworks
Yousra Hafad with one of her artworks

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