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Yousef Mahmoud

Yousef Mahmoud
Egyptian contemporary artist Yousef Mahmoud with one of his artworks

Yousef Mahmoud was born in Aswan in 1972. He earned a Bachelor degree in 1995 and a PhD in Fine Arts in 2010. He was dean of the Sculpture Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Luxor University before he became dean of the whole faculty in 2019.

Yousef Mahmoud designed and implemented many public statues for various governorates (Cairo, Sharqiya, Minya, Assiut, Luxor, Aswan) and designed figures for TV serials and cartoons. He won many awards and has collectables in Egypt and abroad.

Artist Youssef Mahmoud provides in his work a formative vision based on the sources of ancient Egyptian sculptures. He extracts a basic line from these sculptures for building his own fieldwork. The extreme clarity of the faces in his creative work represents the faces of the queens of ancient Egypt.


Works available at Nūn Art Gallery:

From the Nūn Art Gallery Opening Exhibition
"Nūn - The Inspiration" in February 2020
Yousef Mahmoud Yousef Mahmoud Yousef Mahmoud

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37 x 43 cm
6,500 EGP

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45 cm height
8,500 EGP

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Face of the South
20 x 30 cm
5,500 EGP

Yousef Mahmoud    

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Polyester with Copper
80 x 60 cm
10,000 EGP





  • Bachelor degree in 1995
  • PhD in Fine Arts at the Minya University in 2010


Work Experience:

  • Dean of the Sculpture Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Luxor University
  • Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Luxor University

Yousef Mahmoud
Yousef Mahmoud with one of his artworks at the opening exhibition of the Nūn Art Gallery

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