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Wael Nour

Wael Nour
Wael Nour with one of his artworks at the opening exhibition of the Nūn Art Gallery

Wael Nour is an Egyptian artist, born in April 1979, who lives in Luxor. He is specialised in classical watercolour painting.

Wael studied under the late artist Bekhet Farag, one of the pioneers in watercolouring in Egypt and the Arab world. He graduated from the Faculty of Art Education in 1999 and held many private and group exhibitions, both inside and out of Egypt. His work can be considered a documentation of place and time and a highlight of the beauty in Egypt's rural and urban scenery.


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Wael Nour Wael Nour Wael Nour
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Artwork by Wael Nour

Different Moments
Watercolours by Wael Nour
29 February - 30 March 2020

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Nūn - The Inspiration
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1 to 28 February 2020

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