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Scilla Alvarado

Scilla AlvaradoScilla Alvarado is a psychotherapist and mosaic artist, who has lived between Luxor and London for 22 years. She has developed her creative talents by taking many courses at The Princes School of Traditional Arts (London), The Art of Islamic Pattern (London) and mosaics courses with mosaic artists Natalie Vin from France and Emma Biggs from the UK.

Scilla has a great passion for both therapy and mosaicking seeing similarities in the process of focussing on what is broken inside ourselves and using broken pieces of glass or ceramic to reconfigure and transforming them to see them in a new light creating something new and beautiful. Re-cycling parts means nothing is wasted including traumatic experiences and broken pots! She has shared her passion with the family she has become part of in New Rozga / Kom in Beirat on the West Bank of Luxor. Together they have set up the project Om Il Fananeen (Mother of the artists) and all family members of all ages have enjoyed and benefitted from the creative process and their work. They also run workshops for whoever is interested. The initial workshop was run by the German mosaic artist Irmingard Stelter who also lived in Luxor for many years.


Works available at Nūn Art Gallery:

From the Nūn Art Gallery Opening Exhibition
"Nūn - The Inspiration" in February 2020
Scilla Alvarado Scilla Alvarado

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Egyptian Mandala

Glass, ceramic, tesserae,
40 x 40 cm
8,700 EGP

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Chaos and Order

Glass and ceramic tesserae,
broken pottery
50 cm Diameter
6,700 EGP


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