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Salah Shaban

Salah Shaban
Salah Shaban with two of his artworks at the opening exhibition of the Nūn Art Gallery

Artist Salah Shaban was born in Sohag in 1981. In 2004, he finished his studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Luxor, focusing in carving. He holds a bachelor degree, a master's degree and a PhD.

Salah's work speaks about the modern mankind. It is inspired by nature and people surrounding him. It is influenced by symbols of the ancient Egyptian, the Islamic, and the Coptic religion. Salah experiments with all kinds of materials. His sculptures and carvings are realistic - abstract - magical. Most of them express his feelings evoking a strong response in the viewers who become immediately touched and involved.


Works at Nūn Art Gallery:

Salah Shaban Salah Shaban Salah Shaban
Salah Shaban Salah Shaban  
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  • Studies of Fine Arts, Luxor University, 2004
  • Master's Degree in Fine Arts, Helwan University, 2009
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Fine Arts, 2013


Work Experience:

  • Teacher at the Sculpture Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Luxor,
    from 2010 until now



  • Many group and solo exhibitions in Egypt



  • Several awards



  • Collections in institutions all over Egypt
  • Private collections of individuals in Egypt


Salah Shaban with one of his sculptures at the opening exhibition of the Nūn Art Gallery


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