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Gitte Eijerfeldt (Gitte Öijerfeldt)

Gitte Eijerfeldt
Gitte Eijerfeldt with one of her artworks at the opening exhibition of the Nūn Art Gallery

Gitte Eijerfeldt (or Gitte Öijerfeldt) works as a freelance artist and illustrator in Glasgow, UK, and has her second home in Luxor, Egypt. She paints people in their local environments using oil paint on canvas or board, both with painting and illustrating. The details she is drawn to can be a gesture, a composition or an atmosphere. She says: "I wish to create a meditative space through colour and form using a narrative … by recreating and deconstructing a new meaning to the setting. I don’t have a fixed visual idea when I start a new painting, but usually social, political and cultural issues relating to gender emerge through the work process, i.e. lately, I have painted images of women in enclosed spaces."

Gitte travels a lot and coordinates and curates exhibitions of artist run spaces.


Works available at Nūn Art Gallery:

From the Nūn Art Gallery Opening Exhibition
"Nūn - The Inspiration" in February 2020

For these artworks all details are here.

Gitte Eijerfeldt Gitte Eijerfeldt Gitte Eijerfeldt



  • Gelersborg College of Art, Stockholm Sweden 1984-1986
  • History of Art, Stockholm University Sweden 1986-1989
  • New York Studio School, NY USA 1989-1990


Work Experience:

  • 1994-2004 Work for Johanna Larson Design Intermedia as a freelance illustrator
    (The Big Issue, Soho Magazine, The Health Board, Glasgow City Council)
  • 1997 Joined the Glasgow Independent Studio as studio and committee member for the Project Room: Artist Run Gallery
  • 2000-2002 work for Project Ability, coordinator for exhibitions and workshops for young people with autism
  • 2000-2008 Selling own artwork through Scotlandart.com



  • 1988 The Unga, Stockholm, Sweden, Group Show of 20 Swedish artists
  • 1994 The Project Room Glasgow, Solo Exhibition, Scotland
  • 1998 Kevinspeacy, Show Group Exhibition of 30 artists, Glasgow, Scotland
  • 2000 The Department, Glasgow, Scotland
  • 2002 The Pentagram, Glasgow, Scotland
  • 2019 Luxor Art Gallery, Luxor, Egypt
  • 2020 Nūn Art Gallery, Luxor, Egypt


Curated Exhibitions:

  • 2000 The Department Street Level Gallery, Glasgow: Eight women artists exploring issues around femininity
  • 2002 The Pentagram, The Project Room Glasgow: Groups show of 6 artists exploring issues around spirituality and the occult
  • 2017 Work for The Art Village, a community run gallery and workshop in Glasgow


itte Eijerfeldt with one of her artworks
Gitte Eijerfeldt with one of her artworks at the Afternnon@Nūn on 23 February 2020


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