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Fatma Ramadan

Fatma Ramadan
Egyptian contemporary artist Fatma Ramadan

Artist Fatma Ramadan was born in Cairo in 1987 and lives in Giza. In 2009, she earned a Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts and became an Associate member of the Syndicate of Plastic Arts. Her artworks tend to the surrealism school showing the daily life of women in Egypt. Since 2009, she participated in many local and international group exhibitions, winning many awards and habing her works in collectionss in Spain, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, France and Belgium.


Works available at Nūn Art Gallery:

From the Nūn Art Gallery Opening Exhibition
"Nūn - The Inspiration" in February 2020

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Fatma Ramadan Fatma Ramadan Fatma Ramadan



  • Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Graphics Department of the Minya University in 2009
  • Associate member of the Syndicate of Plastic Arts Egypt


Group Exhibitions:

  • El-Tala'ee exhibition from Art Lovers Society 2009
  • Small Pieces exhibition 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 from El Sawy Culture Wheal
  • Naher El-Bahar exhibition from El Sawy Culture Wheal 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Small Business Exhibition Today at Mahmoud Mahmoud Mokhtar Cultural Center, July 2011
  • Fingerprints Exhibition in Abd El-Salam Hall at the Faculty of Fine Art, Minya
  • Daughter’s of the Nile exhibition 2007
  • Egyptian Girls exhibition
  • Winning Academy exhibition 2008, 2009
  • First place at all universities in Drawing – Week of Girls from Mansoura
  • Exhibition for El Nil Girls 2007
  • Exhibitions for Cairo Atelier 2012 and Amir Taz Palace 2013
  • Exhibitions for New Suez Canal, the past, the present, the future 2016
  • The Fourth National Graphic Art Exhibition 2016
  • El-Fanan exhibition from El-Rabee Center in El Moez Street, Cairo
  • Participation in the Day of Global Nubian in El-Hanager Center, Egyptian Opera House 2016
  • Participation in Forum of Fingerprints in Cairo Atelier 2016
  • Naguib Mahfouz exhibition in the place of El-Amir Taz 2016
  • Woman - Art - Life - Creativity exhibition in the Ibn Karma Center of the Ahmed Shawky Museum 2017
  • Egyptian Women Creations exhibition in El-Hanager Center, Egyptian Opera House 2017
  • International Egypt Salon at El Ahram Gallery 2017
  • Youth Salon 28 in Cairo Opera House 2017
  • Exhibition 57357 for kids workshop 2017
  • Atyaf exhibition in El-Bab Gallery in Cairo Opera House 2018 & 2019
  • Completion of visual artist for youth in Alexandria Center of Art 2018
  • Dai 2 Arab Youths Festival 2018
  • Youth Salon 2018
  • Ebdaa exhibition in Gezira Art Center, Zamalek 2018
  • General exhibition 40 at the Cairo Opera House 2018
  • Agenda exhibition at Bibliotheca Alexandrina Conference Center 2019
  • She - exhibition at Ibn Karma Cultural Center, Ahmed Shawky Museum 2019
  • Before you leave - exhibition at ArtTalks 2019
  • Private World - exhibition at Mahmoud Saeid Museum in Alexandria 2019
  • Youth Salon 30 from 2019
  • Little Frames - exhibition at Samah Art Gallery 2020
  • Dream - group exhibition at Karma Ibn Haneaa Culture Centre 2020
  • World Peace Exhibition by Egyptian and Nepalese Artists, Cairo 2020


International Exhibitions:

  • International 3rd Upper Egypt Salon Luxor 2015
  • Faces and Masks - exhibition at the Luxor African Film festival 2015
  • Exhibition accompanying the first International Conference of the Association of Civilization and Islamic Arts in Sharm El Sheikh 2015
  • Nasser Bin Hamad price for the creation of youth in Bahrain 2016
  • Neutral-Ism Mediolanum Museum in Padova, Italy 2016
  • Feria Internacional de Arte of the Asociación Cultural, Granada, Spain, 2017
  • Maracena international exhibition, Granada, Spain 2017
  • Neutral-Ism Mediolanum Museum, Art Collection Expo, Padova, Italy 2017
  • Picassiana at Galerías de Arte Margui López y ArteAdiscar, Malaga, Spain 2017
  • Small pieces - Painting for each house exhibition, Jeddah 2016
  • Ostraka - International Biennale for Youth, Cairo 2017 & 2019
  • Bangla Biennale, India 2018
  • Dolls - Pupa exhibition in L’atelier Melusine, La Trimouille, France, 2019
  • Second International Print Biennale Yerevan, Armenia, 2019
  • 5th Bangkok Triennale - international print and drawing exhibition 2019
  • International Exhibition of the Neutral-Ism Mediolanum Museum - International Art Movement at Alba City Gallery, Italy, 2019
  • Humanities - exhibition at Lys d'Or Art Web Gallery, Italy, 2019


Solo Exhibitions:

  • Galerías de Arte Margui López y ArteAdiscar, Malaga, Spain, from 01-10-2017 to 20-10-2017
  • Breaking a pattern at Isis Gallery, Mahmoud Mukhtar Cultural Center from 28-02-2019 to 10-03-2019

Artwork by Fatma Rammadan
Artwork by Fatma Ramadan



  • Award of Fatma Refaat for Painting from El Tala’ee exhibition
  • Second Award for Engraving and Printing from Naher El-Bahr exhibition
  • Award for Painting from Week of Girls from Mansoura
  • Awards from local exhibitions 2009, 2010, 2015
  • Awards for Collectibles from exhibition of Painting for Every Home 2014
  • Second Award for Drawing in Ostraka International Biennale 2017
  • Award for participation in the Luxor International Painting Symposium from the Youth Salon 2018
  • President of Biennial Award in Ostraka International Biennale of the World Youth Forum in Sharm El-Sheikh 2019



  • Sidi Rahal 2 SLAP, International Forum Sidi Rahal for Plastic Art in Morocco, 2016
  • International Symposium of Upper Shelia in Algeria 2016
  • International Carneval of Arts in Sharm el-Sheikh 2017
  • Luxor International Painting Symposium from the Youth Salon 2018
  • Forum of Creativity for Arab Youth in Le Marsa, Tunisia 2019
  • Ehden International Symposium in Lebanon 2019
  • World Arts Youth Forum, Sharm El Sheikh, 2019 (Award)



  • Spain
  • Algeria
  • Morocco
  • Egypt
  • Italy
  • France
  • Belgium



  • Together with Spanish artists in Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum 2013
  • Rozal Youssef Magazine workshop 2014



  • Grant from the Egyptian Ministry of Culture for the International Symposium of Upper Shelia in Algeria 2016
  • Grant from the Egyptian Ministry of Culture 2018-2019 and 2019/2020



  • 4th Fine Creation Festival (Small Art Works Market) in Nahdet Misr and Isis Hall, Mahmoud Mokhtar Cultural Center, 2010
  • Third Festival of Graphic Arts at the Isis Hall, Mahmud Mukhtar Center, 2010


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