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Dina Shalaby

Dina Shalaby
Dina Shalaby with two of her artworks

Dina Shalaby is a visual artist focusing on modern art inspired by Ancient Egypt. Using mixed media and her deep passion for pharaonic Egypt, she creates pieces inspired by the past and with a story for the future.

Dina converted to her art passion a few years ago after working in international management consulting in Egypt, Italy and the US. She held her solo debut exhibition in Cairo and took part in three group exhibitions, two in Nut Art Gallery and recently in Luxor Art Gallery (Daughters of The Nile, November 2019).

She studied design at the American University in Cairo. She holds a bachelor degree in mass communication with a major in journalism and a master’s in international business from Italy.

Website: www.malakoot.art


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Dina Shalaby Dina Shalaby  
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