Nūn Art Gallery is a unique contemporary art gallery in Luxor, Egypt, that organises art exhibitions and art events. It is dedicated to showcasing the impressive visual artworks of Egyptian artists and non-Egyptians living in Egypt, continuously promoting established artists as well as searching for new talents.

Nūn Art Gallery is founded and jointly managed by Sayed Qinawi and Claudia Ali. From February 2020 on, Nūn Art Gallery is reviving the well-known art space beside Wannas Art Cafe close to the Nile on the west bank of Luxor.

Visitors in front of a painting of Yousra Hafad at the opening of the Nūn Art Gallery
Visitors contemplating a painting of Yousra Hafad at the opening of the Nūn Art Gallery

We chose the Nūn to represent our gallery because of its complex meaning in the Sufi tradition as well as in the ancient Egyptian mythology. If you like to know more about the Nūn — artist Brian Flynn, who also designed our logo, wrote an enlightening article for us: "The Meaning of Nūn".

"Daughters of Hathor" Woman's International Exhibition

As Hathor brought love, happiness, music and arts to the people in ancient Egypt, her daughters, who live all over the world, reflect her different aspects through their art and thus enrich the quality of life of their contemporaries.

The "Daughters of Hathor" exhibition shows more than 70 artworks of 14 brilliant artists from Bangladesh, Syria/Canada, Russia, Italy, Germany and of course also from Egypt.

We cordially invite you to the opening on Thursday, the 13th January 2022 at 5 pm.

"Daughters of Hathor" Woman's International Exhibition

Double Exhibition "In the Picture" with Paintings by Abdullah Ali Butler and Sculptures by Mahmoud Mokhtar

It was not just an exhibition. During a preceding 6-day art event, Abdullah Ali Butler made a painting into which you may climb. The title is In the Picture because you actually can be inside this painting. Abdullah's co-exhibitor Mahmoud Mokhtar created a guardian sculpture for this piece. Besides that, there are many more works to see including a new series called My Tomb Paintings, which draws from the Book of the Dead. The exhibition was opened on 17 December 2021 and is on display until 10 January 2022.

Double Exhibition "In the Picture"

Triple Exhibition "Ruhaniyat" with Alaa Abu el-Hamd, Abou El-Eoun and Brian Flynn

On the occasion of the great opening of the sphinx avenue in Luxor this month, Nūn Art Gallery brought together three of the most inspiring and intriguing artists for an amazing exhibition: Alaa Abu el-Hamd, Abou el-Eoun and Brian Flynn. The exhibition was opened on 13 November 2021 and will be on display until 14 December 2021.

Triple Exhibition "Ruhaniyat" with Alaa Abu el-Hamd, Abou El-Eoun and Brian Flynn

Double Exhibition "A Journey into Graphics"
with Hassan Al-Khatib and Rasha Elmesallamy

The exhibition with the artist couple Hassan Al-Khatib and Rasha Elmesallamy was opened on 14 October 2021. It shows about 50 graphic works inspired by nature and Egyptian heritage. On display until 8 November 2011.

A Journey in Graphics

"Dialog with Hat'hor" Mural by Mustafa Halwachi

On 2o and 21 December 2020, Bahraini street artist Mustafa Halwachi painted a mural called "Dialog with Hat'hor" at our art space. »Read more ...

"Dialog with Hat'hor" by Mustafa Halwachi

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Nūn Art Gallery is registered under Egyptian law with the no. 562 845 194

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Artwork by Alaa Abu el Hamd

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Current Exhibition

Artwork by Reem Gamal Abdel Nasser

Daughters of Hathor
Woman's International Exhibition
Opening 13/01/22, 5 pm

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Previous Exhibition

Abdullah Ali Butler - Veils

In the Picture
Abdullah Ali Butler
Mahmoud Mokhtar
17/12/21 - 10/01/22

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Opening Exhibition

Artwork by Brian Flynn

Nūn - The Inspiration
Opening Exhibition
1 to 28 February 2020

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Meaning of Nūn

Brian Flynn: Meaning of Nūn

Artist Brian Flynn
about the
Meaning of Nūn

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Dialog with Hat'hor

Mustafa Halwachi: Hat'hor Mural

Mustafa Halwachi
Hat'hor Mural
at our Art Space

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